Sensobiographic walking 

To provide a comparative perspective, the researchers collect sensory data in isolated spaces and landscapes also by using approaches developed by Rajko Muršič and colleagues in the Sensotra ERC project. The goal of the approach is to choose a path to a place reflecting cultural or spiritual value. By applying sensory ethnography related to material heritage, this task is essential for understanding how senses create new values and meanings in the specific time and context of isolation. We supplement the approach by the “walking, writing, researching” technique introduced by our team member, Špela Ledinek Lozej (2021), who used it to understand shepherds and livestock breeders in the Alpine area. We intend to organize the walking tours of researchers and interlocutors and in this way study the isolated people and communities without putting unnecessary pressure on them by interventions in their homes. 

Figure 1: Recalling childhood by the fading school: Banija, Croatia (February 2023, photo credit: Lana Peternel).

Figure 2: Recalling the taste, smell, and sense of the cold water, Banija, Croatia (February 2023, photo credit: Lana Peternel).