Ethnography in situ 

During three years of the project, the ethnography in situ will be carried out both individually and in teams of 2-5 people. We plan to carry out 9 group research studies in shorter periods of time (2-4 weeks) in all locations, which will be followed by 9 extended individual studies (1-6 months) in the research sites. We plan each group research study to be mixed; it will consist of Slovenian and Croatian researchers who will be able to introduce their colleagues from another country to local people and help them find interlocutors. 

In our studies, we will carry out at least 200 semi-structured or biographic-narrative interpretive interviews (100 per country, 20 per researcher involved in the project) with isolated individuals and people in communities living in different situations. In these interviews, we will determine how our interviewees perceive their isolation and cope with it. The interviews will be transcribed, and interviewee data will then be encoded to assure participant anonymity. 

Figure 1: Banija, Croatia (February 2023).

Figure 2: Petrinja, Croatia (March 2023).

Figure 3: Gorski kotar, Croatia (April 2023).

Figure 4: Žumberak, Croatia (May 2023).

Figure 5: Gorjanci, Slovenia (May 2023).

Figure 6: Island of Žirje, Croatia (June 2023).

Figure 7: Italian village on the Slovenian border, Filedwork in Robidišče (July 2023).

Figure 8: Goričko, Slovenia (August 2023).

Figure 9: Zagreb, Croatia (August 2023).

Figure 10: Ljubljana, Slovenia (August 2023).